20th of November – Transgender Day of Remembrance

We cordially invite you to join the vigil 4pm at Alaunplatz.

That’s 320 trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people too many. All these people have been murdered because of transphobia in the past twelve months.
On 20th of November – the Transgender Day of Remembrance – we want to remember these people. We are creating a place to mourn together, but also to show our resistance.

If you want to take part and feel like it, then come to our vigil on 20th of november at 4pm at Alaunplatz*.

We want to commemorate by writing down the names of the victims together and give you the opportunity to speak. There also will be a cup of hot cocoa and some poetry.
You’re invited to bring candles and flowers, as well as your own cup.

If you need anything specific to participate, please feel free to contact us.

Take care and see you on Monday!

*) Alaunplatz can be reached via the Alaunplatz tram stop with line 13. The Alaunplatz stop allows barrier-free entry/exit and from there it is about one minute to the vigil. This is accessible without barriers.