Dear queers, dear allies,

on June 22nd 2024 at 2 pm we will meet at Neustadt station for the fourth Queer Pride Dresden!
The parade ends at Alaunplatz at 5 pm.

At the end of the day, our afterparty will take place at the Festspielhaus Hellerau from 7 pm. All infos about the glorious “Dusty Dreams” can be found here.

Please write to us if you have any requests.


The route of the demo is about 5km long. We will only walk on flat ground and therefore the whole course is wheelchair accessible.


All speeches will be translated to german sign language at the first truck. You can also read them here in english and german.

What to bring and what to leave?

Don’t forget to bring water, snacks, sun screen, umbrella (even in good weather) and ear protection if necessary. Pride is the perfect place to present yourself and your outfit. Please avoid logos from police/army and stuff that looks like weapons. Because Stonewall was a riot, and we don‘t want to idolize repression.

FFP2-Masks are welcome, as are puppies. In contrast, there is no place for racism, sexism, queerophobia and antisemitism at Pride!

We don’t fancy flags of nations or territories – the same applies to political parties.

Carnality, Kink & Consent

Queer smooching, free hugs and kinks have their rightful place at Pride – as long as everyone
involved is giving consent. If in doubt, please ask other persons before hugging them etc.!

Not having to hide one’s own body can be a great and empowering experience. We ask men who go topless in particular to be mindful so that others do not feel uncomfortable and constricted by that. Please be considerate and bring a spare T-shirt to be on the safe side.

Let‘s be gentle with each other so that we can be dangerous together!

Awareness and first aid

There will be helpers you can approach if you don’t feel well or safe or if you experience something unpleasant. Don’t hesitate to contact our awareness team. You can reach them at any time on +491626752795. We also have street medics to help with medical problems and emergencies.


The entire route is fully wheelchair accessible. Speeches will be available in German and English here on our website and will be simultaneously translated into German sign language on truck 1.
For children and all those who need a little more peace and quiet, there is a calm and family block. Further details can be found in the following section.

Blocks & truck lineup

The first truck will make you and your friends melt with positive vibes from different decades, we promise. It doesn’t get any better than this!
Come along. Close your eyes.
Let Jane Toniç take you by the hand. Float together towards the rainbow. Let yourself drift to the melodic sounds of the 80s, 90s and the best of today.
XJ from Hamburg is here to spin some spicy house tracks and beloved party hits. Heavy drops, a tasteful selection of tracks, an energetic welcoming atmosphere and a perfect balance of highs and lows define her sets, and this one will be no exception.

On the second truck, the people of HOUSE OF THEM will delight you with powerful sounds whose dynamics will make even the last person dance. They make sure that every dance, every performance, every beat advances their political demands. This not only makes them easy to fall in love with, but also perfect for dancing along to. Let yourself be carried away first by Zander and later be musically surrounded by HnyLune.❤️

On the third truck we increase the BPM and let you roam the streets with powerful hardtechno vibes full of energy. Let yourself be carried away by mental tekno, this demo will be a party! Shannon Soundquist is a sound artist, experimental ambient, noise and teknoproducer and DJ (digital/vinyl) from Dresden. She creates dark, punchy, rusty atmospheres and grounds them in an earthy and psychedelic way. Schub from Weimar brings a mix of hard techno and hard trance to Queer Pride. Their sound is an energy shot of bouncy melodies and fast kicks.

Our calm and family block is marked by the bubble machine. It is located in front of truck 4 and there will be no loudspeakers here. We also ask everyone to refrain from consuming alcohol and tobacco in this block.

On the forth truck we will be welcoming a fast and fierce b2b2b: Hexflex, hrrrhrrrrhrrr and Mt. Florida. The three of them living inbetween Ústí, Dresden, Prague will blow your last normative fuse and blend music genres of nightcore, reggeaton-edits, 4-to-the-floor, psy and pop. Eclectic not random, hard but happy, loud and proud! Technics and transporter will be organised by the furious Kabelbrand collective – your local queer tech crew.❤️