Queer Neighbours – Second Episode

The second episode of Queer Neighbours – our Pride podcast!This time with local guests: if you want to know what’s behind “ANTI*” and “PLAGE”, you should definitely give it a listen. Further, we talk retrospects, insights and outlooks for Queer Pride between 2022 and 2023. Audio below in German.

Report and Speech from the vigil for Trans Day of Remembrance in Dresden

At the invitation of tin*-network Dresden, a vigil for the victims of anti-trans violence took place again in Dresden on 20th of November. Starting at 3pm, around 100 people came together on Alaunplatz to mourn and commemorate. According to Transgender Europe’s monitoring, 327 homicides of trans and gender-diverse people have been made public in the Report and Speech from the vigil for Trans Day of Remembrance in Dresden

Remembering Malte

Malte C. died this morning.  The feelings of grief, of anger and despair, of resignation and resistance are hard to put into words and even harder to bear. As Queer Pride Dresden, as trans people and allies, we can only try to stand together in solidaryity in the face of such news. Our deepest sympathy Remembering Malte

Queer Neighbours – on air with CSD Pirna

Queer Pride Dresden asked the queer neighbours of CSD Pirna for a chat – about queer spaces in the region, solidarity in the neighbourhood against right wing attacks and of course about two wonderful upcoming Prides! You can find the podcast here in the post. Pride is every day!

Thank you so much!

Dear people, we are amazed and so excited about what all of us created this weekend. Thanks to every single person organising, cooking, dancing, decorating, helping, supporting, being present, being on stage and behind. Thanks to all queer neighbours who came to join us. See you next year and stay in touch! JOIN THE PRIDE!