Queer Pride Dresden 2024

QUEER AND ANTIFASCIST unite and resist!

Join the Pride 2024!

Four years of Queer Pride Dresden. Four years of loud, colourful, resolute, sexy, tender and feisty queer voices from Dresden! For the fourth time we call you all, queers and allies together, onto the streets for the queer and antifascist Pride.

Being queer and being antifascist – it’s one thing to us!

Queerness isn’t simply a collection of letters, not just lesbians, bisexuals, gays, intersex and transgender people. It means to live and think queerly. It means to ruffle the feathers of normative structures. It is a way to question society’s status quo. Because declaring heterosexuality as the norm is an old hat. Seeing the nuclear family with mom and dad as the only possible constellation is as stale as last weeks bread. The world being made of just two colours, black and white, man and woman – is a fairytale we are no longer willing to entertain.

Our goal is far greater: a world where all can live safely! A world where nobody is forced into strict notions of gender. A world where we can love whomever and however we please. Where we can live wherever we want and get the support we need. Where everyone has the right of being part of a better society. Where solidarity rules above all and no one is left behind. Where society isn’t segregated by class and we learn from our history. For us all to become part of an empowering society, where every single one can shine bright.

Anti-fascism isn’t just a nice word. Or simply the history of past social movements. It’s an answer and a self description. It is an answer to the increasing preaching of hate. The only possible reaction to the dangerous machinations of nazist and fascist merchants of hatred. Anti-fascism is prerequisite to the world we are dreaming of.

This world is threatened, because our bodies and lives, too, are threatened. Because the hatred and incitement of nazis is taking hold in parliaments, in the media, and on our streets.

Right-wing ideology does not leave breathing room for a world beyond chauvinist masculinity and racism.

Being queer and being antifascist – it is one thing to us! It is one struggle.

So we say: ‘Unite!’ – band together! Alone and isolated we won’t be able to fight everyday queerphobia, excessive rents, exploitation at work, evictions and deportations. A singular voice will not succeed in pushing nazis out of parliaments and the streets, but with a great many we will!

So we say: ‘Resist!’ – act in opposition to this state of things. Stand in solidarity with your colleague of colour. Occupy, strike, blockade deportations and nazi rallies. Read up, sharpen your critical thinking, start acting. Show solidarity and join together. It’s the only way our dream will come to fruition.