Self Determination Act – Hooray!?

The Self-Determination Act was passed in the Bundestag today. After decades of activist struggle and legal efforts, this represents a major milestone in the fight for queer rights in Germany.

However, we can only cheer for this decision with restraint. The path to gender self-determination is still fraught with hurdles and barriers, overwatched by suspicous eyes. Migrant people are still being denied fundamental rights. Trans people still face enormous financial and structural challenges when accessing medical transition. Persons placed unter disablity are allowed to marry on their own, but are dependent on their guardians in this matter, minors still rely on their parents being supportive.

If the coalition of SPD, FDP and B90/Grüne now sees itself shining in rainbow colours, proudly presenting progressive pride pins on their dresses, then we are pointing to these shadows. The decades-long injustice of the human rights violating TSG (Transsexuals Act) from 1981, which now finally will end, has not been adressed. The promised compensation fund is nowhere in sight.

And right-wing agitation against trans people and trans rights, whether in the press or in parliaments, will not simply subside. It seems too convenient to blame queers as scapegoats for all the world’s troubles. It is still too easy to kick down instead of showing solidarity and standing up together for equal rights.

We will celebrate today’s historic decision. But we will also take it as a starting point to draw strength for the ongoing struggles for sexual and gender self-determination.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #UniteAndResist