Speech for the anarchist 1st of May in Dresden

Here we stand with you as on all other action days to say there is still so much more to be achieved in the working world. This time we stand to support new working structures, dynamics, and the fall of capitalism! 

We want to be visible and let others know that low wages, long working hours/days must be changed,  but also what we consider work to be and what work we decide to award a salary to and what not. Not to mention all the emotional work that is never acknowledged, the taboo of discussing money in our society and its power in our lives.

And what more do we demand to be changed? of course the violent and abusive conditions which we should not wait to occur, but continually educate ourselves and others with workshops, meetings, speaking up for each other and prevent them from ever happening in the first place, such as hierarchies in employer/employee dynamics, racist, sexist, ableist, queerphobic.. violence. All these abuses go unchecked, forgotten or not given importance, leaving us unprotected and unsafe inside working conditions and spaces. All of this steming from white cisheteropatriarcal capitalist structures…

We say enough! and demand anarchoqueerfeminist working environments. We demand safe-space and flexible working structures based on community and solidarity, working together, understanding and taking care of each other, making spaces and communication accessible and welcoming and adapting to our different needs.

This is what we stand for! Stand with us!