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Support Levi – justice for us all! Levi, a young person from Saxony, needs our support in a lawsuit against Saxony. Levi fights for the correctly gendered job title in their state certificate of recognition. The law to allow diverse in addition to male and female, that has been into effect since 2019, does not get legally implemented in state laws like the Saxon Social Recognition Act Getting titled „Staatlich anerkannte*r Sozialarbeiter*in/Sozialpädagog*in“ has been denied by the office in action. Levi finished their social work studies at the Evangelische Hochschule in Dresden successfully in July 2018. After finishing the Bachelor of Arts and the exam of recognition, Levi of course applied for the certificate of recognition in November 2018. According to Paragraph 1.5 of the Saxon Social Recognition Act, the certificate can be issued showing either a male or a female job title. There is no gender neutral variant. This was the start of a 14-month long dispute with the office. During the process, the state directorate contacted the Saxon State Ministry for Education twice and presented the relevant documents. This long dispute did not bring any success. On November 6th, 2019, the state directorate issued an objection notice. The last straw was a legal action before the administrative court in Dresden. In December 2019, Levi contacted the lawyer’s office geRechtsanwältinnen and started legal action on December 20th, 2019, represented by lawyer Frederike Boll. The lawsuit has now failed in the first instance. Now the next one is starting – Higher Administrative Court. Levi’s lawyer sees a good chance for success, even if Levi has to take the legal action up to Federal Administrative Court. Ever since then, Levi has been supported by a number of queer activists politically and legally. The legal action alone takes a lot of time and money. For all instances, there are costs of around 10.000 Euros to be faced. That is money that Levi does not have on their own. To complete this legal fight for Levi’s rights, the help of us all is needed – financially, legally, and politically. Because the fight for Levi’s rights is also a fight for self-determination in terms of gender identity and sexuality, as well as the recognition of all gender identities in Saxony. Levi has a right to legal recognition of their gender identity! We all have a right to Saxony Levi hat ein Recht auf staatliche Anerkennung der eigenen Geschlechtsidentität! And we all have a right to the State of Saxony finally implementing the third gender entry in a non-discriminatory manner! We expect success and by that, a precedent for many more affected people. In this case, not all of the collected donations are going to be needed for the lawsuit and the money will be invested in queer education programs in Saxony. We In diesem Fall werden nicht alle gesammelten Spenden für den Rechtsstreit gebraucht und kommen queeren Bildungsprojekten in Sachsen zugute. We stand by Levi’s side and wish them strength in the fight for justice!

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