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Hello everyone. Even if we can’t be present. We are the f*F, alias feminist Forum, from Görlitz and we are wishing all of you a great Queer Pride! We hope you can take today’s energy to your everyday life.

Our speech will not include that many political demands. Instead, we decided to be today’s feel-good-group. Our wish is for everyone to feel their own greatness like today, everyday. We know that this is not reality yet, but we want to make you feel some of it with our words. It’s great to know that safe spaces can develop, even in rural areas and small towns. It’s nice to know that the spaces to share our experiences and regain strength are getting more and more. It’s nice to know that each and every day, small steps are made by great people. As a queerfeminist collective in Eastern Saxony, we are confronted with some obstacles that maybe wouldn’t be as big in bigger cities. We don’t want to talk down other experiences, but we want to point to something: Queer spaces are very important, especially in rural areas. In comparison, we also noted something: There is no real space for us to try diversity, to experience and, if necessary, to hide in. We have to go longer distances than others to try out being in a queer bubble. That takes strength. But it makes us resistant at the same time. Queerfeminist activism in rural areas means for us: Never stopping, but taking breaks. It means to justify, even in the leftist scene, why events are for women, lesbians, intersexual, nonbinary, trans, and agender people only. It means, that we have to organize all the events we want to attend ourselves. But that also means a good do-it-yourself-safe space to try out stuff. It especially means friendship, attitude and not being alone with all of this. It means feeling that activism doesn’t start with many people, but believing that every little step and every thought counts. It means, activism is not performative.

We fight for a region were sexual orientation is not a slur or cuss word, neither in private not in school ot at work. We dream of a city where everyone can be on their way whenever they want without checking their networks first. We hope for a world where we don’t have to wonder if our families are going to accept us. Where sexuality doesn’t have to stay a secret. Where people can try out stuff, learn more about themselves and don’t have to fear persecution. Where relationships get checked primarily for if they are healthy instead of, if they fit into some made up norm. Where our ways to interact with each other get created by curiosity and appreciation instead of fear, prejudices and violence. We fight for a region where teens can find and experiment with their identity in school safely and where they find support. Where we help each other instead of keeping on reopening the same old wounds.

We are thankful for all the wonderful people who are here today. Doesn’t matter if mentally or physically. You are needed and celebrated! Use this day to connect and find people with whom it’s fun to take on those challenges.

Let’s celebrate who we are. Let’s celebrate that there are many of us. Let’s make a mark for all the people getting threatened for living their truth. Let’s get people in distant regions have access to information that will help them understand themselves. Let’s fill the room, be loud, colourful and strong. For us and everyone out there in need of our solidarity. Let’s infiltrate the so-called “normality” and take the power away from anti-human narratives. In Dresden, in Görlitz, in rural Saxony. And everywhere else.

PS: If you want to, come visit us at the Queer Area on Fokus Festival in Görlitz on August 12th.