Solidarity – Diversity – Self-determination!

We all live in Dresden, but many of us come from other places. We speak French, Arabic, Spanish, Saxon and other languages. We got to know each other two years ago when we organised the first Pride and since then many more have joined us. We are a colourful bunch of people who have different positions in life. We have different amounts of money, we have different levels of health, we have different professions and our views on life are diverse. That makes it sometimes complicated, but also particularly beautiful. And we all have one thing in common: we are queer. 

In 2023, we will again celebrate our Queer Pride. It is important to us to be visible and audible on the streets on this day. We cannot look away when people are put behind bars in Russia because of their love. We cannot remain silent when Republicans in the USA launch a frontal attack on the hard-won rights of trans people. We raise our voices when in Saxony the AfD incites against queer people, when our brothers and sisters are to be harassed, harmed and hurt. We remain inconvenient and defiant when CDU ministers want to ban gender-equal language, when SPD, Greens and FDP break their election pledges. We stand in solidarity with each other when Saxon authorities and companies can only be persuaded to respect our rights through court actions. We stand together against all reactionary social divides. Our love and our colourful dreams are stronger than right-wing rancour and grey capitalist uniformity.

When someone asks us why we make Pride happen, there is a simple answer:

We want a better life for everyone, especially queer people. And we want a safe life for ourselves and everyone else. A look at history shows us that we always have to fight for this ourselves. Not only against ideas and people who put roadblocks in our way, but also on behalf of our own utopias! For this, we create networks, capture spaces and get active together!

For us, Queer Pride is not just once a year, but actually every day. We meet regularly in different groups, at celebrations, events and workshops. A whole community has emerged. And we want it to keep growing. We want people in the smaller towns around us and in the countryside to feel invited and encouraged. We also invite people from the nearest bigger cities, especially from Prague, Wroclaw and Leipzig.

Together we want to take to the streets in solidarity and diversity for our dreams and then celebrate Pride month together.