Programme 2021

For more general information for the day, please have a look here.


Start at Bahnhof Neustadt

13:30 NYYA | Hip Hop, R’n’B

  • Truck 1 (with moderation and speeches in between):
    • Le Jus I 90s/Trance/Techno
  • Truck 2 (just music):
    • House of Them I Queer Celebration
    • Luana und Zander I House of Them I Best of Mixtapes


~17:00 – ~00:00

  • 17:00 Start I Stage Settle
  • 17:30 Adrats I Art Punk
  • 18:15 Chor I Interactive Rehearsal
  • 18:45 Carlos I Dance Performance
  • 19:00 Spacebunny Ninja feat. Rangelfuchs I Deutschrap/Poppunk
  • 19:30 FaulenzA I Trans*female Rap
  • 20:30 NARA NOW I Rap
  • 21:00 Sur*Limes I Queer Slam
  • 21:15 Magnus Mandel I Drag Show
  • 21.30 proud to be cheers I cheerioke I animation cheerleading
  • 22:00 ELOY I fusion-psytrance I Producer-Set
  • 22:40 Jane Toniç I 80er, 90er und das Beste von heute
  • 23:20 LadyBug I DarkDisko/Disko I Happalé Kollektiv
  • 00:00 End

In addition to the line-up you’ll find Pride Merch, a tent with “The Queer Agend“, a Queer-Reflection-Space and surprises on the side!

A Queer-Reflection-Space // by Politischer JUgendring Dresden e.V. // 17:00-19:00
We want to provide a safe space, the materials and the inspiration to share our Queer stories and testimonies (while in good company and with creative vibes) to remember we are not alone, inspire empathy, spread visibility, to normalize diversity!
Whether it be with marker, pencil, crayon, chalk, origami, dance…whatever you feel like expressing, we would like it to be visible and set free.