Rally agains repression of trans people in Russia

Today, russian speaking queer self organisation Quarteera held a rally in Dresden.
They wanted to inform the public about the latest escalation in repression against queer – especially trans – people in Russia.
Quarteera also demands humanitarian visa and easy admission for trans people from Russia.

We strongly support their demands and held the following speech in solidarity with all persecuted persons in Russia:

Dear people in Dresden!

We may be standing in the cold at this rally today, but we are not standing here alone. And tonight we can go home, instead of ending up in prison for joining a demonstration. We can celebrate the queer „unholy takeover“ next Saturday at AZ Conni without fear of a raid.
Queer people in Russia, especially trans people, nowadays don’t have all these rights, this minimum level of security. And because we care, and because we don’t want to leave them alone, we are here today.

When the war in Ukraine had just started, there was a demonstration against the attack in Dresden. There we warned that the long-standing discrimination against queer people in Russia would escalate even further. We were certain that external aggression and internal repression are two sides of the same coin. Both are equally part of the chauvinistic, authoritarian policies that we know from Putin, Erdoğan and other dictators.

We have warned of the consequences of a Russian occupation of Ukraine. Of the pressure on journalists and activists, which continues even in exile. Of the worries faced by so many people who do not want to hide, but want to lead a self-determined life. Many feared being on the death lists of the Russian secret services and being hunted, tortured and killed after a successful invasion.
And we warned that the brutal persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya could make a cruel comeback all over russia. Their burdens continues to rise, as repressions and hate-crimes intensify relentlessly up to this day.

In 2022, we called out “This must be prevented by all means!”
Today, we are left devastated with the realisation that this has not been achieved. That human rights were bartered away for cheap oil and gas. And that the openness and solidarity for refugees from Ukraine has not been set as the new standard for all asylum seekers. On the contrary, it is being used as a racist argument that now no further people should be allowed into the country. This is wrong, this is wretched and we will not concede to it!

Almost two years ago, we publicly called for support for the dissident Russian opposition. We said “Let’s make their voices heard, instead of holding them hostage for the crimes of the Russian government!”
Today is a good day to amplify these critical voices. Sign the petition, spread the word. Call on the German government to finally follow up its window-dressing speeches about human rights and democracy with real action!

We support Quarteera’s petition. As Queer Pride, we fully endorse these demands. Because we are committed to a society in which all people can be different without fear!

And as long as this is not achieved all around the world, we must remain loud and uncomfortable. As long as trans people in Russia are denied their right to exist, we say: Open borders for all persecuted people! As long as the LGBTIQ* movement in Russia is criminalised, even persecuted as an extremist threat, we will not remain silent.
Let us work together to put pressure on all political levels for the human right to asylum. Let us stand up for good support for refugees. And last but not least, let us also fight for unrestricted and free access to medical care for all trans and inter people.

In the long term, our aim must be to strengthen our queer networks. We don’t want to just react and avert the worst, we want to advocate for a better life for everyone. Not just in Dresden, not just in Germany, not just in Europe, but all over the world.

All right-wing, reactionary, chauvinist forces that want to continue to oppress us should remember one thing very clearly:
we will never stop the fight – for our freedom and our rights!