Speech Queer Pride

Dear queers and dear people who stand by our side!

The following words are from us, the Queer Pride Dresden, to everyone who is here with us on the street today, to everyone who will read and hear these words later.

Today we celebrate the third emancipatory Pride in Dresden!

Three years ago, queers in Dresden united. We were inspired by the left queer struggles in our neighbouring country Poland. We are younger, older, poorer, richer, disabled and non-disabled, those who live in Löbtau, abd others from Strehlen. Some of us are fierce, others more level-headed. Collectively we are loud at times, at others quiet together, often affectionate, occcasionally angry. We speak Saxon and French, Spanish and English, Ukrainian and Arabic. Some of us are craftspeople, others are unemployed, some are contemplating and others know exactly what they want. We are trans, inter, cis and non-binary. We are lesbian, gay and bi. We are queer. 

We are just as colourful as life itself. But we are united by the idea that a better, safer, fair life is possible for all people. And we are united by the will to fight for that life!

  • We fight for visibility and safety! In public spaces, at work, at school.
  • We demand a simple and fair possibility to change one’s personal status.
  • We demand free health care, according to our needs and our wishes!
  • We demand asylum and safe escape routes for all persecuted queers!
  • We demand that all those who want to be a family can do so in a self-determined way. We want equality in reproductive and parenting rights!
  • We demand barrier-free, inclusive spaces, toilets, workplaces, flats!
  • We demand responsible reporting in which queers themselves have their say!
  • We demand the people around us to stand by us. Open your mouths against anti-queer hostility! We call for your solidarity!
  • We call on our fellow queers to stand in solidarity with Pride in rural areas, in  Poland, the Czech Republic and all over the world!

There are these and many more reasons for us to be here today. Another year has passed in which we have been on the road a lot. We have marched in demos, given speeches. We have supported court cases and raised money. We have met with many other queers in the region and beyond throughout the year. We have talked to the brave people who organise CSD Zwickau and CSD Torgau. We met activists from Prague and Usti. We exchanged solidarity greetings with our neighbours at Marsz Rownosci in Poland. And we devoted energy, effort and compassion every single day. Because we want our left queer community to grow and become stronger!

Today is also the day to celebrate all of this. Today, in this city, on these streets, we will show how colourful and beautiful we are. We have each other’s backs. We live relationships of solidarity, we celebrate and support each other when times are tough. We show right here that a better life is possible. One in which every person can choose who they want to be and who they want to love.

And one thing is certain in this turbulent world – we are stronger with our power than right-wing haters can ever be. We are also more visionary than commercialised and politically hollow diversity parades. Our solidarity gives us the strength to fight the patriarchal and heterosexist system every day. 

Pride is every day, because we are every day. This is our life, this world is our responsibility. Let’s shape it together. For a better life for everyone!