Speech CSD Zwickau

  • It’s difficult to live in rural areas as a queer person.
  • Not enough visibility at all.
  • many queers just want to be left alone, be invisible
  • others want to be seen

QUOTE from member: – „I want queer people to be able to walk around their town without worries and to walk around their village without worries as well, I want them to be able to be themselves.“

  • „I want to be able to start a family with my girlfriend, without getting strange looks and without discrimination from law and offices.“
  • „At a CSD, I always experience a feeling of “pride”. And I want the people in Zwickau to be able to feel this way in their town.
  • That’s why I am part of the CSD orga.
  • „I want to show to the town and its inhabitants: We are here, we always have been, we always will be. And we deserve the same rights as everyone else.”
  • There’s a Queer Pride Dresden, a CSD Leipzig and for the 3rd time a CSD in Zwickau.
  • There are people coming to the event, to start trouble and cause harm. They want to sabotage the event and scare the visitors. Posing like swans, sending out spies, throwing firecrackers at us, stealing pride flags
  • not even mentioning getting spat at and discriminated on a regular basis.

That’s why we need you!

  • To show that we are more than a few hundred people.
  • To prove that queer life away from big cities is possible.

Why should you put your energy into driving to Zwickau? What is this for?

  • Zwickau is more than brown. Zwickau is colorful!
  • Be solidaric, enjoy the event, celebrate with us.