Party lineup


20:00-21:30 Drag Show

Klein a

22:30 LunaSol

A person with a rainbow ski mask and glasses flashing a middle finger at the camera.

(no genre – just art)

Meet LunaSol, a captivating DJ transcending boundaries between day and night. Their soundscapes transport you through ethereal dimensions, seamlessly blending downtempo grooves and pulsating techno beats. LunaSol’s cosmic journey embraces duality, much like their name. As a nonbinary and neurodivergent artist, LunaSol’s innate musicality, honed as a lifelong drummer and DJ, creates an enchanting experience. Get ready to embark on a sonic odyssey with LunaSol at the helm.

23:30 AJ Elevators

Two people standing on a stage with a trans pride flag.

Genre: disco/pop/trash/alternative,hip hoppy, dancy, singy

Like singing in the shower, but next level! Let’s dance and scream to our favorite hits together!

02:00 Amore Adams

Person squatting on a stone bench at dusk.

Genre: Queer Prom Ball Slow Dance

Amore Adams, better known as Acid Adams, is a queer as fuck fine artist and dj, based in DD City. As resident dj at objekt klein a club and MiDi Mittwochsdisko, they regularly serve a savvy selection of electronic dance music, from groovy house to pounding hard trance. Occasionally, they love to build some musically special sets for special events, just like Queer Pride Yes, we are going Slow Dance this time! Real slow! Think Prom Ball, but re-make it queer. Think close dancing, real close. Think ballads, love songs, chansons, soul music. Simply: Mucho mucho Amore!

Groß a

22:00 LUA

A person standing that rests their hands on their knees, looking at the camera. There are palm trees in the background.

Genre: Afrobeats, Pop, House

LUA is a black queer artist from Dresden whose motto is to celebrate the pain away. Thinking only brings you so far, if you don’t mix it with some bodily release it’s only half as effective, she says. That’s what her sets are for. To let loose and celebrate without judgement or fear. LUA’s gonna open the main floor with her unique fast paced, fun mix of different genres.

23:30 Diam♡nd H♡rsesh♡e

A person with ankle boots squatting close to the camera. They are holding up shades on their forehead and looking into the camera.

Genre: Witch rave, dark, metallized remixes /\^._.^/\

00:30 Rakans (Rawmantique)

A person with a cap holding a yellow tulip close to their nose. Their eyes are focused on the flower blossom.

Genre: House Techno

Rakans is a DJ, an Artist, and a visionary. His oriental, experimental, and eclectic approaches to arts and music make his sound choices unique and mysterious. Rakans is also the founder of Rawmantique party in Dresden, a Queer Safe(r) Space that aims at providing a space for explorations whether they’re sexual, social or psychological all within the underground scene offering the alternative and curious mind a non-judgmental surrounding that allows for new unique experiences, whatever they may be, to happen. His music often takes on an emotional and dramatic character bringing love, sexuality, and tenderness as main topics into the techno sounds. His music doesn’t only make the crowd dance hard, but also groove and go back to their first instincts of sexual desires, primal social connections and pleasures.

02:00 EGO

Genre: Vogue, Ballroom, footwork, juke, dancehall mix

EGO music offers a place to be carried away by the good vibes of the beat until it doesn’t matter how you move or why. Let your own ego tempt you to dance by letting all go with the beat.

03:30 (Jitter)&Glitter

Genre: Queer Disco Glitter Dance

MagicMusicGlitter in your ears and on your body – dance and sing the night away with friends and strangers as we unite into this AfterPrideMorning